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  • Wrawby Mill - Most of Lincolnshire- with the exception of the wolds is low-lying country, and its exposed position on the eastern coast of England leaves it open to cold winds, which howl across the North Sea from Russia and northern Europe.
    It can be chilly, but more often than not the locals can use the elements to their advantage. As early as the 16th Century those living in the fens borrowed the Dutch idea of using wind engines to drain their marshy homeland; and even after the invention of the steam pump, the windmill remains the most effective miller of grain.
    The two mills featured here were both built of grind corn, but they differ radically in design. Wrawby Mill is Lincolnshire’s last surviving post mill, built of wood and designed to rotate on a post in order to catch the wind. No one is absolutely certain when it was built, but its construction seems to indicate a date between 1760 and 1790.
    For most of the 20th century the survival of Wrawby Mill has been in doubt-indeed, in 1961 it was saved from demolition by a band of local people who formed a society dedicated to its preservation. Wrawby Mill was renovated and began milling corn in 1965, and today the society, which cares for it opens the mill to the public throughout the year.
    The Sibsey Trader is of a more orthodox Lincolnshire design. A brick tower mill standing just outside the village of Sibsey, north of Boston, it was built in 1877 on the site of a post mill by the Louth millwrights John Sanderson and Co. Its name derives from the fact that a group of local farmers acted co-operatively in order to have their corn ground at a reduced price. Like the mill at Wrawby, the Sibsey trader has been renovated, and now there’s even a tearoom for visitors in the shadow of the sails.
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