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  • Winterton - Winterton has a wealth of historic buildings surrounding the market place which is overlooked by All Saints parish church.
    The church is popular with tourists because of it's mid 11th Century tower and nave.
    The distinctive local stone is used throughout the Winterton and can be seen in many handsome town and farmhouses.
    In July each year the townspeople celebrate with a mid-summer show, a tradition for over 100 years and one of the most popular events in the region.
    Winterton is also famed for its carrs, low-lying land that has been drained and is now popular with ramblers and cyclists.
    Numerous pre-historic artefacts have been found in the small town, including a tranchet axe of Mesolithic date.
    The Romans had a villa here that was rediscovered in 1747 when three mosaic pavements were found.
    The town's biggest claim to fame is being the birthplace of William Fowler (1761-1832). The architect-builder produced a series of drawings and engravings of local antiquities, including the mosaics.
    Winterton, which lies next to Roman road Ermine Street, can be found off the A1077.
    Users of the Brigg Scenic Drive will also travel through this town.
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