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  • Lincoln - Population: 83,200 The administrative centre of the county, Lincoln is a quintessentially English city. Its world-famous medieval cathedral, dominating the county for miles around, is a powerful symbol of the streets of history packed into the city's cobbled streets. Hundreds of thousands of visitors climb Steep Hill every year to explore the grand architecture of the Minster and the nearby medieval castle. People have lived on this site for more than 10,000 years, first by Stone Age and then Iron Age people. By 60AD, the area was occupied by the invading Roman legions and remains of the presence of the city they called Lindum are still visible. The Newport Arch, built to cross the Ermine Street highway, is still used for traffic today. By the time William the Conqueror arrived in 1068, Lincoln was one of the four biggest cities in England. The king quickly realised its strategic importance and was determined to stamp his mark. He demolished 166 houses to build the spectacular Lincoln Castle, whose ramparts still stand today. In the centuries that followed, Lincoln became a thriving centre of commerce, pilgrimage and culture. By the 19th Century it was the centre of an engineering business built on the foundations of supplying the equipment which made the agricultural revolution possible. The tank was invited in the city in just 39 days in 1915, the history of which is documented at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life. The Usher Gallery, Bishop's Old Palace and the Lawn, with its 5,000 sq ft conservatory area, are also among the city's attractions. But Lincoln is looking forward too. The University of Lincolnshire and Humberside opened in 1996 - the first new institution of its kind to be built in Britain for 25 years. The city centre now boasts a huge range of shops and restaurants ranging from the biggest High Street names to specialist shops and a daily market.
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