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  • Kirton-in-Lindsey - The town of Kirton-In-Lindsey appears in the Doomsday Book and its origins can be traced back to Roman times. A settlement was founded by invaders and archaeologists discovered two Roman footpaths in the town just 100 years ago. Nothing remains of Kirton's church that was mentioned in the Doomsday Book but the magnificent St Andrew's Church that replaced it is a favourite with tourists. The town was once held by Edwin, Earl of Mercia, prior to the Norman Conquest. Afterwards the manor belonged to many members of the Royal family and was one of their largest and most important manors in Lincolnshire. Kirton has developed around two centres - the Market Place and the church. The Market Place may date back to medieval times and was a weekly venue for markets and fairs. This area of the town rapidly developed in the 18th Century but many buildings erected during that period no longer exist. The Town Hall, built in 1897 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, dominates the Market Place. The stone used was salvaged from the old prison of 1789. Kirton is famous for the arrest of Churchman John Kelsey, the town's first Baptist minister. He was sent for trial for preaching non-conformist views in 1663 and the Sealed Knot Society re-played the drama in front of the town's residents in 1995. Visitors to Kirton can also take in Mount Pleasant Windmill, built in 1875 and restored to working order in 1991. The town is situated off the B1400 and A15.
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