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  • Grimsby - Grimsby lies on the South Bank of the Humber Estuary and is the 'capital' of North East Lincolnshire. Once a thriving fishing port, Grimsby remains one of the premier freight ports on the Humber along with neighbouring Immingham and Hull on the North Bank. The town, which has a population of around 100,000, has plenty to offer to visitors. The National Fishing Heritage Centre is one such attraction. The centre, run by North East Lincolnshire Council, is a focal point for Grimsby's rich fishing history. Visitors are welcomed by the call of seagulls, a sound which brings alive the atmosphere of a life on the ocean waves. Once inside, there are a number of exhibits including historical shop windows and a tea-room, the perfect setting to contemplate the past. There is also the opportunity to see what it was really like on the deck of a trawler in the middle of the North Sea. Outside, visitors have the opportunity to explore the decommissioned trawlers.
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