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  • Goxhill - Goxhill is a horse lover's paradise. Situated about 20 miles from Grimsby and seven miles from the Humber Bridge, it is reputed to have more horses than people! Goxhill lives up to its reputation by holding an annual horse show and gymkhana. A summer fair is also held each July. With its own newspaper quaintly called the Goxhill Gander, the village also boasts numerous country walks and has even had a book written about them. Visitors should take the time to visit the nearby Thornton Abbey, which dates back to the reign of Henry 8th and the old priory in the South End area of the village. Regular bus services connect Goxhill with the city of Hull on the north bank of the River Humber and with Grimsby. A train service runs between Goxhill, which has sporting facilities including tennis, bowls and badminton, and Barton-on-Humber.
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