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  • Laceby - The North East Lincolnshire village now known as Laceby was given its identity by the Vikings. Laceby is made up of two words each of which has their own distinct meaning. "Lace" is believed to be the result of Verbal mishaps, evolved via many mispronunciations from the name "Lief" - a common Norse surname. The suffix "by" id Danish for farm, homestead or settlement. At first the two words were joined to create "Liefsby" but over the years created the placename "Laceby". How the name has changed and developed over the centuries. In 1086 Laceby was referred to as "Levesb", "Lenesbi" and "Leuesbi" in the Doomsday Book. The Rogero de Lesbi Charter Gift saw it change to "Lesbi" in 1107. In 1115 the Lindsey Survey called it the village of "Layseby". 1164 saw its name evolve to become "Leusebi". The earliest Assize Roll mentioned "Leseby" in 1201. A deed of gift made reference to "Leissebi" in the same year. "Lesseby" appeared in 1227 with the Gift of King John - an exchange of land. The same name was still in use in 1234 according to court rolls dated December 26 of that year. An award by Henry III called Laceby "Leisseb" in 1266. Court rolls dated 1272 referred to "Leyseby". Patent rolls dated 1314 used "Laisseby" and "Laysseby" in 1315. An account of a ship built in the village referred to "Layceby" in 1359. In 1363 "Laisceby" appeared in the patent rolls. An inquisition into land named the village "Laysceby" in 1372. Walter Rector of "Laifsebi" was the recipient of a letter dated 1383. A receipt from farmers in South Ormsby to Sir Willia Oldhall referred to "Leceby" in 1428. Cathedral records made mention of "Lasby" in the year 1519. By 1563 a return sent to the Bishop of Lincoln read "Lacebie". Papers owned by the Marquis of Salisbury referred to the village of "Lacabie" in 1575. This changed to "Lacebye" in Lincoln Cathedral papers of 1576. "Lasebie" was the name given in 1602. Bowen and Kitchen's map of Lincoln showed the village of "Lusby" in 1763. The name LACEBY was finally created in original accounts and a hand-written description of the Rectory dated 1781.
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